HumiPyc Model 2V (Vacuum) Gas Pycnometer
Sample Holders For True Density
Measurements Of Ultra-Fine Materials
by HumiPyc Gas (Helium) Pycnometers
Air, moisture, or other residual gases/vapors present in the sample can affect true density measurements.
Fully controlled in Auto or Manual Mode the miniature diaphragm vacuum pump can bring the pressure down to 7-10 kPa.
Applying subsequently inert gas pressure to let say, 220 kPa, releasing it to atmospheric pressure reduces substantially
contaminants much faster then  by the pressure cycle alone.

Repeating the action of applying vacuum and pressure cycle few times practically eliminates the influence of contaminants.  
The importance of vacuum usage is especially relevant when using specially designed sample holders for nano-materials,
like  fumed silica, carbon black, etc. as the pressure cycles alone or any purging around the sample holder are not very effective.
The convenience of having such vacuum capability and usage of the sample holders of novel-design for ultra-fine materials
makes this specialized HumiPyc Model 2-V especially valuable for nano-technology applications.
-  On-demand usage of vacuum pump for more effective removal of contaminants
-  Usage of (optional) special construction sample holders for measurements of ultra-fine powders without sample
   removal (please visit
accessories page)
-  Auto and Manual mode in one instrument and all other features of the HumiPyc Model 2 pycnometer
Sample Holders
True volume (density) determination from ultra-fine powders, like fumed silica,nano- and micro- sized materials
to any solid state (powders, foams, irregular objects, etc.)
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Gas (helium) pycnometer with built-in vacuum pump