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RH Generators Accessories       
Water Reservoir
Heated Transfer Hose
Temperature Probe (RTD Based)
Water Reservoir
Single RH Probe
Miniature and reg. RH Probe
Hermetic, High Temp. &
Pressure RH Probe
Windows® based software
Fully automated RH systems with multi-sensors, automatic water supply, heated transfer line, and Windows®
based software (compatible with 64-bit Windows® operational system) for supplying precisely controlled RH
stream to the chambers for evaluation of processes at user-defined conditions of relative humidity and temperature.
Experiment design template
To facilitate interfacing of the RH
generator to existing setups, we offer
selections of hardware equipment and
customization (often without any
additional cost) to best address the
application(s). Operational
parameters, like flow, temperature,
pressure, RH range, distance between
the RH generator and the test
chamber, port sizes, etc., are helpful.
Temperature Probe
Single (or Dual) RH Probe Cable
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