• Availability of three outputs:
   1.Two-temperature output dew point range: ambient to 0 C (standard version)
2. First stage of dilution output: dew point down to up   to -60 C,  
   (at 101.325 kPa, MFC range dependent)
   3. Second stage of dilution output: dew point down to -90 C,
   (at 101.325 kPa, MFC range an gas dryeness dependent)
  • Ideal for applications requiring low flow rates and wide range of dew points small sample
    chambers (Spectrometers, microscope stages, etc) can be held around atmospheric
    pressure or under vacuum
  • Allows quick scans of dew point ranges (spectroscopy)
  • very fast changes of RH steps
  • High stability and accuracy of the output stream
  • Suitable for low dew point sensor testing
  • Usage of low pressure dry gas sources
  • Small footprint and low power usage
Low Dew Point Generator  versatile and  unique design
The HumiSys LDP was designed for providing low flow stream of gas with controlled dew point values from positive to -90 C.
Flow rates depend on the ranges of mass flow controllers (MFC) used, typically 0-200 cc/min. Multiple water vapor generation techniques
are employed in this complex design. The fundemental two-temperature method was used for creating an "infinite" source of humidified gas
with well defined and user-selectable dew point value. Dual stages of two-pressure and divided flow methods are used for reducing the water
vapor concentration of this source. The output stream can be delivered to variety of chambers which can be held at atmospheric or vacuum
conditions. Usage of MFC and low dead-volume design allows for fast and accurate dew point changes in the output stream.

The provided Windows-based software allows automatic control of the instrument from a PC.
Up to 1000 of various flow settings can be declared in an experiment and different profiles can be generated. All sensors signals and the
calculations results are recorded in respective files. For quick setup and testing, the Manual mode of control is available using the front panel
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  • Auto/Manual operation
  • Versatile multi-techniques (four MFC) design
  • Fully variable flow rate output from stage 1 for a set dew point
  • Constant flow rate output from stage 2 at declared percentage of MFC range
  • Outputs can be used from pressurized to vacuum conditions
  • Automatic water supply from external container
HumiSys LDP