Micro Pycnometer
µL Pycnometer
Many specimens in nanotechnology  are very thin  and of relatively large area, metal injection molding produces intricate  parts of variety of  shapes, while pharmaceutical research may yield only small
amount of powder. A special design of sample chamber and the overall system was created to accommodate different geometrical configuration and to overcome technical challenges in order to measure
volumes of order of few microliters.  
The micropycnometer utilizes the gas displacement  technique and features dual reference chambers. An inert gas is introduced and removed from the sample chamber in a continuous way using a
proportional valve. Built-in low pressure regulator and gage allows for setting the required pressure value.  
The integrated temperature control of all relevant components ensures stable and uniform temperature that is independent from  ambient temperature variations. A high quality pressure transducer and
24-bit data acquisition ensures accurate pressure readings. A laptop or desktop computer  with any Windows operating system can be used for implementation of automatic control mode and the
operational software is always provided. Using front panel controls, the pycnometer can be operated in manual mode, mostly for trying experiment settings and troubleshooting.  
The unique software design using sort of macros  and  programmable parameters, allows flexibility of the experiment definition.
With ancillary hardware, additional analytical techniques can be implemented utilizing this universal volume analyzer.
Design features:
  • Large volume span determinations (from over 10 milliliters to few microliters) using only one instrument module
  • Peltier based precision temperature control
  • Built-in pressure regulation
  • Continuous gas transfer into and out of sample chamber
  • Automatic and Manual control modes 24-bit data acquisitions
  • Convenient and flexible software design
  • Software runs on any 32 or  64-bit Windows operating system
  • Low cost
Introducing a versatile micropycnometer design, dedicated to true volume
(density) measurements of  small sample amounts from milli to micro liters.  
1 mm diameter ball challenge
If you cannot measure reliably volume of a 1 mm diameter ball using other Gas (Helium)
pycnometer, then try the
µL Pycnometer
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