●  Dual technique: Usage of pressurized gas source - typical gas expansion pycnometer, or integral vacuum pump - air (vacuum) pycnometer
●  Measurements of more representative sample size - about 250 cc sample chamber volume (65mm diameter x 76mm height),  (less for sample, about 200 cc)
●  Lab and field applications (powered by any regulated 12 VDC source)
●  Special design of sample holders with installed filters, suitable for finest powders
●  24-bit data acquisition system,  High accuracy - ±0.05%, and resolution 0.0001 cc
●  Dual Gas Selector  (optional) – one of two gas sources can be selected by front panel switch
●  Built-in precision low-pressure regulator - allows for exact setting of required gas pressure.
●  Built in miniature vacuum pump with 7-10 kPa capability – allows for the fastest and most effective outgassing of samples, especially when used in combination with pressure cycles.
●  Full control over experiment - basic procedures are  prepared as functions with parameters and their sequence is user defined in the experiment definition. Parameters can be modified during experimen
●  Symmetrical concept of true volume (density) measurements

PV-Pyc 200™ Pressure-Vacuum Pycnometer, 200cc, Lab & Field
InstruQuest Inc. Scientific Instruments R&D
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Main Features and Specifications:
PV-Pyc 200
The PV-Pyc 200™ is a fast and fully automated gas (Helium) and air (vacuum) pycnometer in one instrument for
very accurate measurements of true volume (density) of solids using the gas expansion method.
The volume of measuring chamber is about 250 cc and allows for usage of a more representative amount of sample.
Thanks to the embedded miniature vacuum pump, the instrument can be operated as a classical air pycnometer but
without the need of using mercury.
Symertical Concept of true volume (density) measurements
PDF. file
Density and Porosity Kit for Packed Beds
PDF. file
Calibration Ball and Handling Tool
PV-Pyc 200 Calibration Ball with Handling Tool
Supporting Ring
Calibration Ball 63.5mm dia.
Handling Tool
PV-Pyc 200™ additional accessories (permeability applications)

PV-PYC 200 Pressure / Vacuum Pycnometer Accessories
PDF. file
PV-Pyc 200 with additional accessories
Proposal of quadratic equation for prediction of flow rates versus pressure in packed beds of cement.
Based on experimental measurements of flow rate versus pressure in packed beds of cement, the quadratic relationship is obtained and discussed.
The coefficient at quadratic term is proposed as the basic parameter for characterisation and extraction of other parameters of interest. Advantages of the
equipment over Blaine apparatus used in ASTM C 204 method are presented.
PDF. file
Converting PV-Pyc-200 to Surface Area Analyzer
Advances in Permeametry
Development of improved comparative and absolute methods for determination of specific
surface area of porous powders (cementitous materials) using gas (air) permeability technique.
Opus in Profectus
Specific Surface Area by Permeability, Instruquest Inc.
Absolute method for determination of specific surface area using gas (air) permeability technique.
New (fundamental) equation was derived for obtaining specific surface area  from experimental data of gas flow through packed beds.
PDF. file
Specific surface area of powders