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V-GA™ Series

Versatile Gravimetric Analyzer
Measurement of  permeation rates through plastic films or
membranes using optional capabilities of enhanced gas pycnometer
(HumiPyc) - or gravimetric moisture sorption analyzer V-GA.
Gravimetric and Permeation Analyzers
VersaPyc XR
Versatile Gas Pycnometer with extended rang of volume

Permeability surface Aera Analyzer

PV-Pyc 200
Pressure, Vacuum pycnometer, 200cc, Lab&Field.

Gas (helium) pycnometer and micropycnometer in one instrument.

Temperature-Controlled Micro Pycnometer.

HumiPyc™ Model 1
Gas Pycnometer (helium, nitrogen, air) / Density and Moisture
(with temperature control from sub-ambient to 50 C).

HumiPyc™ Model 2  
Gas Pycnometer (helium, nitrogen, air) / Density and Moisture
Filter Integrity Testing - Bubble Point and Pressure Decay

HumiPyc™ Model 2V (Vacuum)  
Gas Pycnometer especially valuable for nano-technology applications.

HumiPyc™ Model 2F (Foam)  
Gas Pycnometer, optimized for foam volume (density) measurements.

HumiPyc™ Model 2C (Cement)  
Gas Pycnometer for measurement of  cement fineness, porosity and
volume (density).
Gas (helium) Pycnometers and Surface Area Analyzer
Relative Humidity Systems
Low Dew Point Applications

HumiSys™ HF
High Flow Relative Humidity Generation and R&D System.

HumiSys XR  Extended Range, versatile water vapor
generator designed for variety of custom applications

HumiSys™ LF
Low Flow Relative Humidity Generator  designed for most RH
needs and OEM applications.

V-Gen™ Series (Model 1, Model 2, ....)
Designed for variety of RH needs, fast setup, long term
continuous operation with no user intervention, and cost effective
applications. Recommended for fully automated applications and
calibration purposes.
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