High capacity (typically 100/220g or 120g)
Sartorius semi-microbalance eg. CPA 225D
- Electromagnetic force compensation
- Thermal compensation
- Adaptable to noisy environments
- Integrated calibration weight
- Overload protection
- Readability (model dependent), typically 10 or 100 micrograms
- Superior accuracy and stability

V-GA isothermal chamber
- Temperature control of sample chamber from sub-ambient to 95C with stability +- 0.1C
- Temperature of experiment from sub-ambient to 60 C at full range of RH (standard
- Sample chamber size (5.2cm x 5.2cm x 12.8cm), different sizes optional
- High temperature digital RH probe (RH and T data) (in the vicinity of the sample)
- Additional temperature sensor (RTD) (in the vicinity of the sample)
- Proprietary design of vapors exhaust system and anti-condensation protection
- Uniform RH distribution (special diffuser)
- Dual gas/vapor entry ports
- Large area sample holders with fine mesh bottoms
- USB/Serial communication port for transfer of RH and temperature data to PC
- Small size of instrument (w/o balance): 23cm x 27cm x 38cm
V-GA The main components of the modular V-GA flow system:
Selection of one of the two RH generators:
V-Gen. pdf file
HumiSys LF pdf file
(Each of the RH generators can be used separately for other
applications and the operational software is provided.)
Typical  Applications
  • Monitoring the sample mass uptake or loss as a function of time by varying relative humidity or temperature (or both).
  • Study of permeability of different vapors through membranes, fabrics in controlled RH and temperature environment using special cells.
  • Possible expansion to density and surface tension measurements.
- More representative sample can be used
- No limit on dynamic range (compare to 500mg or +-200mg of other  microbalances)
- Large selection of balances and weighing modules to satisfy any application
- Easy installation by the user, virtually maintenance free
- Independent modules, each with its own software
- Robust, easy to service and operate
- Perfect for R&D and industrial QC environment
- Economical to use (air can be supplied from a compressor)
- Special applications can be easily addressed
- Independent use of modules for other purposes, e.g. RH Generator
Ability to measure water vapor transport rates, WVTR, using special cells
- Capability of determining of organic vapors permeability through membranes
- Ability to determine deliquescence points
- Low cost
Windows® based operational software for the combined modules
- Intuitive design of experiment protocols and saving them for reuse
- Isothermal profiles
- Iso-humidity profiles
- Isobars
- Fast run
- Up to 1000 steps per run
- Ability to select and combine several equilibrium criteria
- Calculation utility for solving variety of "RH problems"
- Graphing, generating reports, viewing previous data
- Ability to modify experiment parameters at any time
- USB/Serial communication with a PC
- Automated installation
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HumiSys LF
Versatile Gravimetric Water Vapor Sorption Analyzers
  • Sample Chamber Size -  8.9 cm x 8.9 cm x 20 cm
  • Water Vapor Source - HumiSys HF RH Generator (0.5 - 5L/min)
  • Temperature Range - from about 15 Deg C below ambient  to 60 Deg C
  • Proprietary Design of Balance Lifting Assembly
  • High Sensitivity and capacity balance (Sartorius CPA 225D)   
V-GA 2   
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