V-Gen 2
Model 2 is designed for easy interfacing with other analytical instruments that would benefit from measurements in  RH controlled
atmosphere. Internal and external temperature probes (RTD1 and RTD2), RH probe for relative humidity and temperature measurements,  
microcontroller board, ancillary electronics, firmware software featuring simple command language and digital protocol for transferring RH
and temperature data from RH probes (16 bit resolution) are added to Model 1 to form the fully automated Model 2 in addition to stil having
the capabilities of the Manual Mode.

Recommended for fully automated  applications and calibrations purposes:
  • Automatic operation via sophisticated PC software (any Windows OS) for experiment design and control
  • Any master controller can use the command language to control the generator via serial port.
Designed for variety of RH needs, fast setup, long term continuous operation with no user intervention, and cost effective applications.
Recommended for applications where manual control is preferred or for OEM customers who prefer implementation of their own direct
control over I/O (TTL) and analog lines (0-5VDC).
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RH[%]vs. time
  • Two-temperature and divided-flow techniques
  • Automatic water supply system maintaining constant water level, with external water tank
  • Heated transfer hose, typically about 1.5 m (5ft) length, can be customized, 24 V DC operation for safety
  • Stable and precise dew points from 0 to 90 C
  • RH from 0 to 100% from 0 to 90 C
  • Designed to address most RH needs
  • Option-rich, configurable, easy integration with other equipment
  • Multi mode of operation and software control
  • Ability to accept external sensors: RTD, RH probe, Dew Point Analyzer...
  • RH probe can be installed inside V-Gen or at user sample chamber
  • Unsurpassed quality and value
  • Customized versions for output pressures up to 50 psig
V-Gen series of novel  and versatile Dew Point / RH Generators -
auto / manual, and special versions
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All V-Gen generators utilize the fundemental two-temperature technique above 0 Celsius dew-point generation mode and divided flow
technique for low values of RH generation below the dew point of 0 C. Two temperature controllers, that can be controlled manually or
remotely,  are used for achieving the dew point generation mode. Internal or external RH probe is neccessary for feadback purposes to
achieve low RH spectrum generation and control. Various flow rates can be set using a rotameter, usually up to 500 cc/min. For customized
units, larger flow rates like 1 or 2L/min are possible but at reduced upper range of dew points. For applications requiring working with RH
under pressure, pressurized versions are available.

The V-Gen Model 1 features Manual operation mode only. By addition of microcontroller and electronic boards, RH probe, and two
temperature sensors (RTD based), the more advanced V-Gen Model 2 is formed. The V-Gen Model 2 is fully automated dew point / RH
generator and its newly redesigned version features enhanced electronics, software, and performance.
Unlike in previous version, the RH probe can be installed internally or externally to the RH generator. The pressurized models, usually up to
20 psig (limited by water pumps specifications), have additional letter P added to the model base name, namely V-Gen Model 1-P, V-Gen
Model 2-P. Various customizations are possible, so please provide specific operational requirements when contacting us.

Automatic water supply (peristaltic or diaphragm pump) with water level sensor and large capacity of external tank, customizable heated
hose for humidified stream delivery to the user defined location, and all accessories are included to make the system complete and ready to
work out of the box. Optional laptop with software installed is offered for the V-Gen Model 2 make the simple installation even easier.