The Versa-Pyc utilizes gas expansion technique and is optimized for accuracy and speed. Both,
Automatic and Manual modes, are implemented in software. The unique design of software
allows the user for defining and carrying out experiments and all data are recorded in text format.

Versatile Gas (Helium) Pycnometer
with extended range of volume (density) measurements.
Versa-Pyc XR
The photo above illustrates one possible extension of volume range by using sample chamber adapter and two separate stations.
The volume of the station attached to the externally available reference chamber port (EXT REF) can be filled with any suitable object (e.g. metal/glass object) to adjust its volume.  
Volume of such resulting reference chamber can be calibrated using the sample station and suitable object of known volume, e.g. precisely machined metal rod.
Carrying out experiment is the same as in regular pycnometer, except that the sample chamber is external to the instrument. Our novel design allows using the container as a sample holder.
  • Fully automated and controlled via PC software (any 32 or 64 bits Windows based OS)
  • High accuracy: < 0.02% and resolution: < 0.0001 cc
  • High accuracy (0.08% accuracy) absolute pressure transducer (0 - 50 psia, 0 - 344 kPa)
  • Volume range: from fraction of mL to over 100 mL (basic) to over 1000 cc (optional)
  • Hermetically closed sample holders with metal filters (No elutriation)
  • Extensive calibration kit
  • Built-in precision pressure regulator and vacuum pump
  • 24-bit data acquisition
  • Powered by regulated 12V DC power supply (requires 6-12 W)
  • Lab / Field applications
  • Can measure volume using vacuum mode (ambient air and vacuum pump)
  • Designed for high performance and low budgets (< 7 k$) as a basic set w/ accessories
  • Simple and easy installation by the user (instructions provided)
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From R&D to QC applications, the Versa-Pyc is a gas pycnometer of choice for wide
ranges of samples volume measurements. Two built-in reference chambers, (nominal 10
cc and 100 cc), cover the most common range of volumes from fraction of mL to over
100 mL. The range can be easily extended to at least 1000 mL by using auxiliary
hardware and attaching either optional chambers or user-designed chambers
Main Features and Specifications:
Versa-Pyc XR
Versa-Pyc XR with optional reference and sample stations attached
Versa-Pyc XR