- Actual volume measurements accuracy of ± 0.0002 cc with 0.1 cc hardware
- Dual gas selection option - additional characterization by different gases
- Unique design of sample holders – special filters for fine powders (e.g. silica fumes)
- Variable volume of reference chamber w/ possibility of additional external volumes
- Continuous flow of gas into and out of sample chamber  (proportional valve)
- Internal vacuum pump (miniature, diaphragm, 7-10 kPa capability) and external vacuum port
- Effective sample pretreatment – vacuum and pressure cycles
- Built-in high accuracy low pressure regulator (up to 17 bar (250 psig) input)
- Auto (any Windows OS) and Manual (software) modes of operation
- Unique design of software to create experiments by using predefined “macros”  of specific tasks
- High accuracy and resolution (24-bit data acquisition ADC)
- Flexibility of designing and carrying out experiments and transparency of experimental data (txt format,  easy transfer to spreadsheets)
- Custom made accessories allow usage of external chambers for larger volumes or other chamber volumes.
- Pricing from the basic volumetric core (pycnometer) of specific volume range to include applicable  options and custom hardware.

The Ultimate True Density Machine
IQIPyc™ - Gas (Helium) Pycnometer
Description, features and specifications.
Programmable Test Tube Heater 12 V 300 C
Design features and specifications:

- Temperature range from ambient to 300 C (570F)
- Temperature controller resolution 0.1 C
- Safe voltage of operation – 12V DC only
- Low power usage – 35-40 W
- Inner heating chamber – 20.5 mm diameter, 55 mm height
- Multiple temperature limit protections
- Prevention against contact with hot surfaces
- All metal construction
- Field and lab applications
Test Tube Heater
IQIPYC Gas (Helium) Pycnometer
InstruQuest Inc. Scientific Instruments R&D
2004 -2021 Copyright © InstruQuest, Inc. All rights reserved.
Some of the main features of the IQIPyc™ design are:  0.1 cc , 1 cc, and 10 cc sample chambers
The most versatile, accurate, and cost effective design of a gas (helium) pycnometer and micropycnometer in
one instrument for true volume (density) measurements of solid state samples (e.g. fine powders) at ambient
temperature conditions.
Basic theory of gas expansion pycnometer operation, general
description of pycnometer applications and practical hints.
PDF. file
The Test Tube Heater is designed for uniform and controlled heating of sample holders up to 300 C (570 F) with temperature resolution of 0.1 C.
The heating zone is at least 50 mm in height and common glass or other materials test tubes of 20mm diameters or smaller can be used.
A suitable 12V DC power source (the heater uses about 35-40 W of power) is needed to operate this instrument.
Easily available regulated tabletop power supplies with 12V DC output (2.5 mm pin, center positive) or utilizing 12V DC output from other instruments, like the extended version of IQIPyc can be
used for the test tube heater operation.
Software and elaborated hardware control safeguards are implemented to prevent overheating above 300 C.
The extra thermocouple circuit is used for temperature monitoring and it provides voltage proportional to the temperature, which is available for recording.
External metal protection prevents accidental access to the hot surfaces. All metal construction makes the instrument robust, durable, and safe.
The low power voltage makes it suitable for field and lab applications.
The Test Tube Heater can be remotely controlled and easily incorporated into a more complex instrumental setup. As we advance the technologies, plurality of analytical capabilities will be presented
later by addition of auxiliary hardware built around this module and IQIPyc gas (helium) pycnometer. In the standalone version, its temperature controller can be set manually to the desired temperature
and simple temperature profiles can be programmed.
This handy tool is intended for R&D researchers for samples studies and for general laboratory work.